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Complete Supply Chain Management Services

U.S. Port Services is a one stop shop for all of your logistics needs. We provide services tailored to your needs.

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On-Time Services With Quality Assurance

Our experienced staff is prepared to handle all of your transportation needs with the utmost care and professionalism. From the time your shipment enters our system until the time it leaves we assure you that it is tracked and safely stored.

In fact, our industry standard RFID Barcode Scanning and UCC 128 barcode label genration systems seamlessly integrate with our propretiary Inventory Tracking Sytem so you can watch as your cargo is safely transported to its destination.

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As your Cargo Transportation Services Provider we will bring your shipments efficiently and safley to their destinations.

Cargo Transportation Solutions

Our state of the art facilities and experienced staff are at your disposal when you partner with U.S. Port Services for your logistics needs. Here are just some of the quality services that we offer.

3PL Services

We pride ourselves on providing quality 3PL Services such as:
  • Warehousing Solutions
  • Transportation
  • Freight Services
  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Project Cargo
  • …And Many More


With U.S. Port Services your shipments are secure and will arrive at their destinations on time. We pride ourselves on providing:
  • On-Time Services
  • Experienced Logistics Professionals
  • Secure Shipments
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Cutting Edge Technology


Intermodal shipping is a cost effective way of transporting your volume cargo across the U.S. There are many advantages to utilizing rail cargo transportation services such as:
  • Dependability
  • On-Time Service
  • High Volume At Low Cost
  • Agile Intermodal Transportation
  • Benefits Of Using One Provider For Your Transportation Needs

Industrial Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution are essential to your organization’s success. We offer customized services based on your needs. Some of the warehousing and distribution services we offer are:
  • Regional And Continental Distribution
  • Just In Time (JIT) Warehousing & Transportation
  • Port to Door Shipping Solutions
  • Secure Warehousing Services
  • Cutting Edge Warehousing Technology

As a reliable cargo transportation service provider we also offer industry-specific equipment and service to ensure we are prepared to cater to our clients as their need for logistics services grow.

Specialized Transportation Solutions

Our specialized logistics equipment is essential for various industries to ensure their goods are protected and handled properly throughout the entire Supply Chain.

Industry Equipment

We like to be prepared for any cargo so we have the equipment to handle the following lumber shipments:
  • Rolled Paper Products
  • Paper
  • Pulp
  • Plywood
  • Moldings
  • Bundled Rubber
We have clamps attachments to help with your rolled paper products. We also have slip sheet attachments to help with general cargo.

Commodity Shipments

Many different commodity shipments require a special touch and we are prepared to handle:
  • Bailed Cotton
  • Rubber
  • Pulp
  • Racking for Automobiles
  • Other General Cargo
  • Other Commodity Warehousing and Distribution Needs
By using our Inventory Tracking System you will be able to keep in touch with your cargo from anywhere.

Optimized Transportation Services

Our hands-on-approach combined with years of experience will allow us to cut your spend and delivery time.

Cargo Transportation


Our diverse area of supply chain management services are sure to fit your needs. Check out our other services if you are looking to improve your supply chain today.