Cross Docking

Reduce Your Warehousing Time Today

Our customized services are at your disposal. Your logistics are our priority.

Lower Cost

Lower Your Handling and Warehousing Cost

Transport your freight to our warehouse and we will quickly get it out to its destination. Cross Docking allows for your shipments to move quickly to their destination without having to spend an excessive amount of time sitting in a warehouse.

You might need Cross Docking services if:

  • You are combining freight from several different locations
  • Your customer request special delivery terms
  • A bulk shipment needs to be separated into several smaller shipments


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Cross Docking

When it comes to Cross Docking, we are fully prepared to exceed your service expectatons.

Cross Docking Solutions

Why waste your time and money on long-term warehousing? U.S. Port Services offers top quality Cross Docking Solutions.

Short-Term Warehousing

Our last minute short-term storage services will provide you with an opportunity to prepare for the next leg of your freights’ journey. We understand your last minute needs.
  • Just In Time Services
  • Container Freight Station
  • Freight Handling Services
  • Freight Packaging Services
  • …And Many More

Trucking Services

When you are trying to optimize your logistics it is important to have a reliable 3PL Service company on your side. We are here to service your trucking needs.
  • Distribution Of One Truck To Multiple Trucks
  • Consolidation Of Multiple Trucks To One Truck
  • Transfer From Truck To Rail
  • Transfer From Rail To Truck
  • …And Many More Trucking Services At Our Facilities

Rail Services

Would you like to enjoy the convenience of quickly transferring your goods at an optimized Cross Docking Facility? Look no further, U.S. Port Services offers several Rail Services for your convenience.
  • Rail To Truck
  • Truck To Rail
  • Ship To Rail
  • Rail To Ship
  • …And Many More Rail Services At Our Facilities


U.S. Port Services can be your complete supply chain management service provider. Our extended network is at your disposal.