“ Port to Door Services for the Intermodal Transportation Industry”

Our president, David Poole, has created a great working environment for his employees. Good organizations start with the spirit of cooperation at the top, and David provides it. That makes delivery of excellent customer service quite easy.

“I’m a hands-on guy and I learned it from my father who started this company. It worked well for him and it is still working well for us today.”

David Poole, President

3 US Warehouses

Our offices are located on international ports with access to Ships, Rail, and Trucking services. This also allows us to provide Intermodal and Container Drayage services.

Experienced Employees

Our staff is hands on from our President to our operations employees. We all ensure that your freight is handled with the utmost care.

Customers Worldwide

We provide 3PL Services all over the globe. We treat our international customers with the same level of care that we treat our local customers.

Full Service 3PL Provider

3PL Services

We provide complete Supply Chain Management Services to our customers seeking to improve their logistics and warehousing processes.

Working together with our customers we deliver optimal supply chain logistical solutions focused on outstanding value, service, quality, and reliability. Our employees are hands-on experienced and seasoned with industry background and knowledge. 

We Offer Customer-Specific Logistics Solutions At Competitive Rates

Our optimized management structure allows U.S. Port Services to offer what we refer to as “Port to Door” service. When you contact us for your logistics services, we can arrange for your imported goods to be transported from the ocean terminal to our warehouse; offloaded into our warehouse for immediate reloading or short/long-term warehousing; reworked, if necessary; loaded onto our trucks, and delivered to its destination.

Alleviate the confusion of dealing with multiple different shipping companies by using U.S. Port Services extensive 3PL Solution capabilities. Additionally, by allowing us to handle the warehousing and inland transportation, your costs will be reduced because we offer increased economies of scale.

Client Testimonials

“Having used US Port Services for over 10 years, our expectations and those of our own customers, continue to be exceeded. Freight is handled accurately and in a timely manner. The team at USP takes the initiative to problem-solve without needing my input. Ever-changing customer deadlines occasionally cause very last minute changes to scheduled warehouse releases. The team at US Port always accomplishes these without any issues. This type of effort means our customers are happy and our own business benefits measurably.”
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
Business Manager, Milin Group.
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The U.S. Port Service Team

David Poole

David Poole

President & Owner

Dave oversees administrative operations for all port activity including 3PL, warehousing, container drayage, trucking and supply chain logistics.

Mary Poole

Mary Poole

Mary’s focus is on the delivery of ever-improving customer service. Have any problem? Reach out to Mary.

Shannon Dunlap

Shannon Dunlap

Logistics Manager

Shannon began her warehousing and logistics career in 1995 and joined our team in 2013.

Bob Gustafson

Bob Gustafson

Sales and Marketing Manager

In over 40 years of working in the 3PL and related industries. He is the real go-to guy when there are difficult issues to solve.

Denis Mcqueeney

Denis Mcqueeney

Warehouse Manager - Portsmouth

Dennis has been employed with Dave Poole for 30 years.

Barbara Cross

Barbara Cross

Administrative Assistant

Barbara joined our team in February of 2014. She was fortunate enough to have prior general knowledge of warehousing and logistics from a family history associated with the 3PL industry.

Josh Ensley

Josh Ensley

Executive Services Administrator - Export Specialist

Josh has been at U.S. Port since September 2010. Throughout the years he has spent his time in almost every position making him our go to man.

Joe Hon

Joe Hon

Warehouse Manager, Norfolk

Joe has worked with Dave Poole for over 35 years. He is now a manager dealing with all of the USPS products.

 Find Out How to Join Our Family

Our team will help excel your 3PL Career.

Our  Company Values

At U.S Port Services our goal is to create value for our clients so that you can improve your logistics and become more efficient at what you do best. We are experts in Supply Chain Management Services as you are an expert in your respective industry. We take the logistic concern out of your hands and put it on our sholders.

We have a terrific team of logistics experts from our management team to our daily operations. We do not hesitate to recognize our people and show them how much they mean to our business.This creates a family atmosphere which sparks growth and optimizes performance.

When you come to U.S. Port Services you become part of our family and we recognize all of our family members.

At U.S. Port Services we take our carbon footprint very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure that we are protecting the enviroment while effectively servicing our clients.

There is only on earth and we do our part to ensure that it is in good shape for the coming generations.

3PL Service Capabilities

3PL Process
  • Just-in-time Warehousing Services

  • Short Term and Long Term Warehousing of Container Cargo

  • Intermodal Cross Docking and Transloading
    (ocean, container, truck, rail)

  • Container Drayage

  • Intermodal transportation drayage consolidation

  • General Cargo Transportation

  • Export Consolidation

  • Import de-consolidation

  • CFS – Container Freight Station

  • RFID Barcode Scanning

  • UCC 128 barcode label generation

  • Clamp attachments for rolled paper

  • Slip-sheet loading attachments for general cargo