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“Port to Door Services for the Intermodal Transportation Industry.”

Why Choose U.S. Port Services?

Experienced Staff

Multiple staff positions at US Port Services are filled with people with over 30 years of experience in the cargo transportation field. Our staff has combined experience of over a century. We are flexible enough to successfully complete many jobs that others can’t or won’t handle.

About Us

3PL Services

To meet the need for good service providers, US Port Services is set up to handle emergency warehousing in a just in time environment. We understand why warehousing is important to supply chain management. We also provide cargo transportation, Industrial warehousing and distribution, container drayage, cross docking, and transloading services.

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Inventory Tracking

Great customer communications is the key to long-term success in any industry, especially when it is important to cycle time reduction in the 3PL industry. To that end, US Port Services has developed its own proprietary tracking system.

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3PL Associations

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