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U.S. Port Services has been providing Logistics Solutions since 1978. We have worked through many transitions in the Logistics Industry and are always prepared to help you meet your Supply Chain Management Goals.

A Logistics Provider You Can Count On

U.S. Port Services provides complete Third-Party Logistics Solutions to our clients. We work with our clients to provide Supply Chain Management Solutions focused on outstanding value, excellent service, and reliability.

WHO IS U.S. Port Services

Your Reliable Freight Services Provider

4 East Coast Warehouses

All our Warehouses are located near international ports with easy access to Cargo Ships, Rail, and Trucking Services.

Committed Team

Our staff has been in the Shipping and Logistics Industry for over 30 years. We are here to ensure your freight is handled with the utmost care.

Global Service Provider

We provide 3PL Services all over the globe. We treat our international clients with the same level of care that we treat our U.S. clients.

Our Core Values

U.S. Port Services Cross Docking Services

Value-Added Services

U.S. Port Services staff, facilities, and industry experience allow us to provide our clients with effective Supply Chain Solutions from the Port to its final destination.



A good organization starts with the spirit of cooperation at the top, and our president, David Poole, has created a great working environment which makes delivery of excellent service quite easy.

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We operate with our environment in mind. The U.S. Port Services team prides itself in there efforts to help reduce their carbon footprint while delivering the best possible services.

I'm a hands-on guy and I learned it from my father who started this company. It worked well for him and it is still working well for us today."

David Poole - President
U.S. Port Services Owner and President

U.S. Port Services :
A History of
Dedicated Logistics Service Delivery

U.S. Port Vintage Rubber Stacks

Founded by George Poole the company weighed and sampled commodities at the Norfolk Port. They utilized a warehouse to recondition faulty commodities found during inspection.

We handled “thawed” rubber that had been stockpiled by the US government during WWII.

At the request of one of our customers in order to be able to handle a heavy load of paper products for them. We now handle many more products in the Savannah warehouse.

We now have over 220,000 sq. ft. of storage space in Hampton  Roads.

The company has served the shipping industry in several different capacities over the years with services concentrated in the Tidewater or Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The company has handled many different types of materials over the years, with the mainstays of rubber, paper, and lumber. We have handled quite a bit of heavy cargo, furniture, and automobiles.

We are launching a digital rebranding movement to push into the modern era of business and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Our clients deserve the best quality service and we are here to provide them with cutting-edge customer service and exceed their 3PL needs.

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Our Team

The Experienced Staff Behind The Scenes At U.S. Port Services

From our modest beginning in 1978 we have strived to keep our family atmosphere. We began as a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Norfolk and have grown to 220,000 sq. ft. worth of space in Hampton Roads alone.

Even though we have grown, David Poole has not strayed from his father’s vision when he started the company. We maintain a family atmosphere while servicing our clients with the highest level of professionalism.

U.S. Port Services Owner and President

David Poole

Owner & President

Our goals revolve around creating a great working environment for our employees. Meeting their expectations translates into meeting goals of service for our clients: improved customer service, efficient delivery, and increased capacity.

Dave has more than 35 years of terminal operations management and ownership with US East Coast and Gulf experience in multiple locations. He started his career working on the pier as a forklift operator handling natural rubber. Working his way through all departments of operations, management and ownership – he knows the business. Dave understands how important it is to provide specialty, high quality and competitively priced total-package service to meet each consumer’s needs. Additionally, consistent quality service must be at competitive prices with customer service and technical support always being our first priority.

He is responsible for sustaining the profitable growth and development of U.S. Port Service’s operations, while maintaining world-class operating standards.

Bob Gustafson

Sales & Marketing Manager

Bob has a broad range of experience including terminal operations, freight forwarding, custom house brokerage, airfreight, NVOCC in addition to his liner ocean carrier background. Prior to joining U.S. Port Services, Bob worked for Farrell Lines for 20 years as General Manager.

Bob received his bachelor’s degree in History/Political Science from Virginia Wesleyan College.

Bob’s goal is to use his years of experience to create value for customers by delivering optimal logistics solutions focused on outstanding levels of service, quality, and reliability.

Bob is responsible the strategic planning and implementation of business growth at the Norfolk, VA and Savannah, GA locations responsible for 3PL, warehousing, container drayage, trucking and logistical services

Mary Poole U.S. Port Services Customer Services Manager

Mary Poole

Customer Service Manager

Mary joined the family business in June 2015. After four years at East Carolina University, Mary started working with our special projects manager and learning the ropes of the business. From there she has gained knowledge through working with all of our staff and continues today in sales and marketing.

Away from the office she enjoys- obtaining a maritime management degree, music, and good spirits.

Dennis Mcqueeney U.S. Port Services Warehouse Manager

Dennis Mcqueeney

Warehouse Manager

He came in as a young man on an entry level position and has worked his way through the ranks – now managing one of the three warehouses. He is an expert in all aspects of handling natural rubber, as well as many other commodities.

Joe Hon U.S. Port Services Warehouse Manager

Joe Hon

Warehouse Manager

I have handled various types of products including rubber, cocoa, paper, lumber and many other types of general cargo.

Joe started working in the rubber/warehousing industry in 1982 as a forklift operator and general laborer. Joe tries to insure to each and every customer that their product will be handled with the utmost care.

Josh Ensley U.S. Port Services Export Specialist

Josh Ensley

Export Specialist

Josh’s wide range of knowledge has also spanned from his beginner years in the industry back in 2005, where he started as a truck driver and forklift operator and eventually moved to an office worker.

Outside the office he enjoys his time as a family man, lives by his music , and enjoys traveling when possible.

Barbara Cross U.S. Port Services Administrative Assistant

Barbara Cross

Administrative Assistant

Starting out at U.S. Port Services doing data entry, Barbara has expanded her knowledge through experience and now deals with many different aspects of the company.

In her time away from the office – she enjoys being outdoors, staying active, and spending time with her family!

Shannon Dunlap U.S. Port Services Logistics Manager

Shannon Dunlap

Logistics Manager

She started out as a Customer Services Representative but her expertise quickly propelled her position as our Logistics Manager.

In her time away from the office – She is still working and spending time with her family

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U.S. Port Services Cross Docking Services

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Is your company not completely satisfied with your current Supply Chain? With the help of the U.S. Port Services staff we will gladly help you to reach your goals.

U.S. Port Services is a full-service logistics provider with 48-State carrier and broker authority. We are a hands-on company with proven experience in all aspects of the trucking and warehousing industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service at a competitive price.

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