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U.S. Port Services Specialized Transportation Solutions. We have industry specific equipment designed to ensure that sensitive cargo is handled properly when in our care. If you have a special request we can handle it.

Streamlined Freight Services

Our years of experience has taught us the importance of accomadating our clients special requests. We offer a wide range of Industry-Specific Solutions that will meet your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then send us a message and we will come up with a solution that meets your needs.

How Can We Serve You

Specialized Supply Chain Management Services

Secured Warehousing Facilities

All U.S. Port Services Warehouses are equiped with high-tech surveilence systems and our team is trained on best practices when handling sensitive cargo for you.

Efficient Transportation Services

When your cargo is on the road with us, you will know it is in safe hands. From our rigourus employee training to our strict Standards of Operations we ensure your precious cargo is transported with the utmost care.

Industry-Specific Equipment

We have equipped our staff and warehouses with specialized equipment for our clients' industry-specific needs. If you have a unique request for your cargo, contact us and we will be sure that your needs are met and your freight is handled properly.


Farmers are the foundation of our economy and we proudly support the Agriculture Industry by safely securing & Transporting their Cargo.

Forest Products

We have been working with Lumber for many years and are experienced handling the following types of Timber Products:


Effective manufacturing requires a solid Supply Chain Management Strategy at U.S. Port Services we are on your side as a manufacturer, we help our clients secure, store, and distribute their goods globally. 


Since our foundation we have proudly supported the  U.S. Government and we still do to this day. From supporting our military to government contractors no job is too big or too small for the U.S. Port Services Team.

Current Clients

We have setup a Freight Tracking System so that our Clients can easily see where their cargo is and where it is headed. Just click below and login to get your latest information.

U.S. Port Services Cross Docking Services

3PL Service Requests

Is your company not completely satisfied with your current Supply Chain? With the help of the U.S. Port Services staff we will gladly help you to reach your goals.

U.S. Port Services is a full-service logistics provider with 48-State carrier and broker authority. We are a hands-on company with proven experience in all aspects of the trucking and warehousing industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service at a competitive price.

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