ELD Mandate: We're Ready

By Chandler Turner – July 25, 2017

In order to keep pace with industry demands, US Port Services is ready for mandates to use the new ELD tracking that replaces paper logbooks used since the Great Depression. “Awareness of the issues and the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions have always been the hallmark of our company” said David Poole, president of U.S. Port Services. “And because we are part of the Evans Network, we had to be ready quickly.”

The American Trucking Association (ATA) supports the mandate. It is apt to place a premium on shippers to review their own routes and shipping schedules to assure ELD compliance.

Drayage costs are expected to rise as available driver hours clash with increasing delays at most US Ports. This has been seen in both Savannah and Hampton Roads, where US Port Services has its operations. With ELD’s there is a loss of flexibility for truckers who run over their 11 hour driving limit which would cut down on the number of port turns per day. The pressure is going to be placed on the drivers.

Transloading May Correct Market Inefficiencies

There is a response for those capable of transloading closer to the ports, and US Port Services is fully engaged with this practice. In all likelihood, this is going to begin to correct decades-old inefficiencies within the market. We may see a shift within the LTL (less than truckload) world, crating two classes of drivers – those with a HOS (short haul) exemption and those who keep logs. That impact is not immediately known.

Internet Impact on Transloading

The rise of the internet has caused many companies to open Distribution Centers (DC’s) around heavily populated areas because customers want to receive orders within 24 hours. Because of it, transloading may be about to explode.

Positive Productivity Impact

Though changes can be tough on drivers getting used to the new devices and changing their habits, ELD’s offer efficiencies, especially when tied to a fleet management system. As the changes take place, the biggest challenge may be in the availability of chassis. “We’ve been around drayage and transloading logistics for a long time. Though it is going to be hard on some drivers, in the long run this appears to be a positive move” said Poole.

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