Fighting Drayage Issues

By Chandler Turner – August 7, 2017

Fighting Drayage Issues

US Port Services is smack in the middle of drayage industry issues. There are still a great many problems, but there are a few bright spots. The biggest issues arise from the traditional delivery process that has existed for years and is still in place.

ELD’s and Joint Port Efforts

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) may well drive up drayage costs, at least temporarily, as companies drivers become used to the new system. However, in the long run, use of these devices should help with initiatives such as those under way by both State port authorities in Virginia and Georgia, the first such agreement in the United States.

According to Griff Lynch of the Georgia Ports Authority, the joint effort is not about pricing, but gaining efficiencies. Larger and larger ships with far higher shipping units are lengthening turn times, impacting already strained staffs, and putting pressure on infrastructure. Collaboration that increases shipping efficiencies would be welcomed by everyone, especially frustrated drivers.

US Port Services – Port of Savannah and Port of Hampton Roads

Since we have personnel and warehouse space in both ports, we share their deep concern with drayage costs, driver delays, chassis shortages, and other industry ailments. We have spent time, effort, and dollars making our service offerings as efficient and flexible as possible at all locations. That’s why we already have ELD capabilities in place. Along with Virginia and Georgia ports, we have worked diligently to collect turn times and wait times for our drivers, and like the ports, hope that there are more discussions and collaborations that will ease congestion and drayage issues.

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