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By David Knickerbocker – December 21, 2017

Flexible, Transloading Services saves shipping cost and time. Transloading is the process of moving cargo from one form of transportation to another. For example, if a manufacturer is transporting their freight from their Plant to a distribution center they may start with a truck, then transfer their freight to rail to save cost for long-haul transportation. Why implement Intermodal Transportation Methods?

The purpose is providing cost-effective transportation for manufacturers and distributors expanding their logistics network. U.S. Port Services is an effect provider of Transloading Services enabling customers with convenient east coast port warehouses which accepts freight, then distributes to its final destination by leveraging efficient Intermodal Transportation Solutions The following Transloading Shipping benefits combined with the experience and precision of U.S. Port Services will expand the capacity of your organization’s Shipping Department while lowering its cost.

Environmental Benefits

Athena Roumboutsos’s Article, Predicting Intermodal Transport Changes Through a Flow Game Framework in the Transportation Research Procediai is an analysis of Intermodal Transportation from the U.K. which analyzes the environmental benefits of Intermodal Transportation on the environment. At U.S. Port Services, we pride ourselves on providing environmentally friendly transportation solutions to our customers so we can help ensure the sustainability of our world for the future. We are vested in these practices so we can continually help the Logistics Industry grow in the coming years.

Improve Distribution Network

You may receive your freight at east coast ports, but need it delivered in the west coast or even in Canada. Certain shippers may only offer Drayage or Short-Haul Trucking Services. Transloading allows you to begin your freight’s journey as a ship from another continent, then move it from truck to rail for flexible transportation. At U.S. Port Services, we offer transportation solutions which enable your organization to extend your distribution network. Why limit your distribution to a single location or transportation method when you can take advantage of Intermodal Transportation Solutions?

Cost Effective

Long-Haul Shipping via Trucking can be an expensive endeavor. Instead, Transloading allows companies to leverage different shipping methods to find the best cost to reduce their shipping overhead. When shipping from coast to coast, rail has proven to be the most efficient method. Why not take advantage of the Rail Services conveniently located near our Warehouses. Shipping this way saves cost and time when transporting your freight over long distances.

Consolidate Shipments

Distributing multiple trucks to deliver your cargo can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, Import your Barge to an east coast port, put U.S. Port Services in charge of Transloading your cargo to its final destination to ensure you cut shipping time and cost. We have Short-Term Storage available to ensure your cargo is safely accounted for until you need it transferred to the next leg of its journey. U.S. Port Services is a full-service 3PL Provider, we will ensure that your cargo safely reaches its destination in the most cost-effective way possible. Request a Rate Today! Our Customer Service Team is prepared to answer your questions and help get your freight moving.

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