Warehouse Space in the savannah transportation market

By Chandler Turner – September 5, 2017

US Port Services has warehouse space available in the Savannah market. As of September 1st, we have approximately 110,000 sq feet available. So, we have a little relief for a struggling area.

Warehouse Space U.S. Port Services has space in Savannah
Warehouse and Transportation Industry Reports

According to Colliers and Cushman and Wakefield, vacancy rates in warehouses in Savannah are at historical lows. Just 7 years ago, available warehouse space in the area was approximately 18.5%. Today, it stands at just under 2%, according to Collier’s Savannah Office.

Causes of the Warehouse Shortage

Because of rapid growth in the Georgia’s Garden City Terminal, logistics has become a bit of a nightmare lately. The shortage of warehouse space is driving up rates, turn times, and prompting much-needed building. Rapid expansion of internet-based retail has put pressure on short-time shipments and deliveries. Everyone expects goods “tomorrow”. Capacities of mega-container ships are also adding to the warehouse capacity issues.

Compounded Logistics Problems with CSX Rail

Unfortunately, CSX issues have compounded the logistics problems. According to industry insiders, (CSX is one of the two main rail shippers east of the Mississippi), much of the blame is aimed at new CSX president Hunter Harrison. Harrison turned around Canada’s two national railroads. In an effort to streamline CSX services, he applied tactics that helped in Canada over time. Unfortunately, he has not met with the same success here. One recent trip that usually takes several days, took over 18 days, which significantly adds to logistical shipping problems.

Critical Warehouse Space and a Good Trucking Network

US Port Services has around 110,000 square feet of space available as of September 1, 2017, and we are part of the Evan’s Network. We are trying to be part of the solution in helping hold down future retail prices. The better we can serve shipping needs, the more we help the retail world, and eventually, the US Consumer.

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