Transloading Services Today Saves in the Long-Haul

Flexible, Transloading Services saves shipping cost and time. Transloading is the process of moving cargo from one form of transportation to another. For example, if a manufacturer is transporting their freight from their Plant to a distribution center they may start with a truck, then transfer their freight to rail to save cost for long-haul transportation. Why implement Intermodal Transportation Methods?

The purpose is providing cost-effective transportation for manufacturers and distributors expanding their logistics network. U.S. Port Services is an effect provider of Transloading Services enabling customers with convenient east coast port warehouses which accepts freight, then distributes to its final destination by leveraging efficient Intermodal Transportation Solutions The following Transloading Shipping benefits combined with the experience and precision of U.S. Port Services will expand the capacity of your organization’s Shipping Department while lowering its cost.

Fighting Drayage Issues


US Port Services is smack in the middle of drayage industry issues. There are still a great many problems, but there are a few bright spots. The biggest issues arise from the traditional delivery process that has existed for years and is still in place.

ELD Mandate: We’re Ready

Compliance Trucking Rules Regulations Laws Word 3d Illustration

In order to keep pace with industry demands, US Port Services is ready for mandates to use the new ELD tracking that replaces paper logbooks used since the Great Depression. “Awareness of the issues and the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions have always been the hallmark of our company” said David Poole, president of U.S. Port Services. “And because we are part of the Evans Network, we had to be ready quickly.”